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This original and clever mechanical bank is designed as a vintage cash register to keep your finances safe Just like its real life prototype, the Cash Register has coin and notes boxes For extra protection, they are secured with a code lock You can update your code however you like using the code mechanism

Your cash bank accepts coins from 10 to 35 mm diameter which covers most of the coin sizes circulating in the world To keep track of your finances the Cash Register is equipped with a counter and an automatic coin detector The operation modes switch depending on whether there is a coin in a coin slot or not If you need to put a coin in the cashbox, put it in a special slot, lift and lower the lever Duly registered by the counter, the coin will disappear inside the box When it comes to storing notes, your Cash Register provides an automatic bill acceptor In order to initiate the mechanism, wind up the rubber band motor by pulling the lever up and down ten times This will be enough for the Cash Register to pull in 3 - 4 notes you put into the note slot

If you need to access your savings, enter the secret code to unlock the Register and turn the key until the cashbox comes out This will also reset the counter The vintage Art Deco body of the model makes it an exquisite decorative detail to any interior, and welcome present for a friend or colleague This clever mechanical model will help you to teach kids about counting in a simple and fun way Use it in your lemonade stand enterprise With The Cash Register from Ugears you might see your sales increase and definitely a serious rise in the fun sector!





Model size 24,5 * 15 * 18 сm
 Estimated time of assembly  5 hours
 Parts count  405



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