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The UGEARS tractor is a rattling greeting from centuries past. No electronics - just plywood, a rubber band motor, and tons of fun! You can shift your tractor’s real transmission from ‘park’ to ‘low’ to plow for your spring planting or step it up to ‘sport’ gear and watch it race to the end of the field.


Every self-respecting tractor needs a trailer, and this one comes with everything a farmer needs: a pitchfork, a shovel and even a bucket and broom. The trailer’s side gate opens at the push of a lever for quick loading and unloading.  A crank at the front tilts the bed for easy dumping. Hook together your Trailer and Tractor and head for the fields.

Self-assembly: No glue required

Number of components: 164
Estimated time of assembly: 3-4 hours


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