Rail Mounted Manipulator. Mechanical Town Series

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Rail Mounted Manipulator. Mechanical Town Series
From the very beginning of our journey, we were inspired with the idea to create the unique Mechanical Town on the river’s bank, open to all winds, religions and ideas, a town of musicians, artists and inventors, masters and warriors. The most amazing town on the earth.  The town, were people love, fight, work and search for innovation and, of course, have a fun.
We are introducing a Rail Mounted Manipulator Model – the second mechanical model from the new  Mechanical Town Series.  The model which you can build with your own hands, look and feel each part, each movement of transport vehicles, surroundings, play and create your own stories with people who are living in this town. The new model has gaming component and made entirely from wooden materials. It’s great for hobby & collection.  Each part has a unique design and interesting engineering.  UGEARS’ Tram Line model doesn’t need glue or special tools or even toothpicks to connect parts, which makes putting it together even more exciting. 
The fully assembled model retains moving parts and elements and remains entertaining and educational for family projects.
Number of components: 354
Estimated time of assembly: 8 hours

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