UGEARS Anhänger für "Heavy Boy" VM-03

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UGEARS Anhänger/Trailer für "Heavy Boy" VM-03

The Heavy Boy Truck from Ugears is an interesting and exciting model on its own. But don’t you have a feeling that a truck unit might use something to actually pull? To complete your long haul freight traffic experience we would like to draw your attention to the Heavy Boy Truck Trailer VM-03.

Should you decide to have a shot at freight forwarding, you will need a trailer. And this is exactly what this model is. This capacious Trailer can carry your favourite things, it will deliver a box of chocolates, a load or fruits or even a ship in a bottle. The attractive design guarantees that it will fit nicely with any interior. Use an automated conveyor to load your trailer with potted plants and you will have an absolutely unique wheeled garden. Hook up your Heavy Boy Truck Trailer to the tractor unit with the automatic coupler – and you will have a perfect pair ready to hit the road. Some things are just better together!

The Heavy Boy Truck Trailer VM-03 model kit is made of sustainably sourced high grade wood and has everything you might need for assembly.





Modellgröße 36,5 * 12 * 16 сm
 Geschätzte Zeit für die Montage  2 Stunden
 Anzahl der Teile  138



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